What is the value of early childhood education to the Community?

“Child care impacts the local economy and  provides a value to those people who are  able to work because their children are cared for.”    (

What is so important about brain development and school readiness if I don’t have kids? Costs related to special education, grade retention, school drop-out, teen pregnancy and teen and adult crime are greatly reduced when children have a strong foundation, both academically and in the social emotional developmental areas. Brain development and readiness promote academic achievement and social competency.

A Wise Investment
Societies are more prosperous with educated citizens. Cities that champion high-quality childcare reap immediate and long-term rewards for their community in economic vitality, civic participation, school success and public safety. Today’s investments in children go a long way toward a brighter future for every city and town. The community at large benefits from the cognitive, language, and behavioral competencies associated with higher quality childcare. (

Making Business Sense
Businesses benefit from productive employees. Readiness is a business investment as well as being in the self-interest of us all. An educated community is a safer, more prosperous, more optimistic community for everyone. Employees who know their children are in quality care will be more confident, productive workers.

If we could spend a dollar wisely up front – from prenatal to age 5 – we would not have to spend seven dollars or more later in life on police, prosecution, prison, and remedial education. Good early childhood education has a preventative effect by reducing contact with the criminal justice system as well as out-of-wedlock births. Adults who attend preschool are more likely to have less reliance on social services and have greater earnings. High quality costs more today but poor quality costs most over time

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